Bullet Linings of Brunswick GA

Bullet Liner

Bullet Liners rich history in protective coatings validates its commitment to producing the highest quality coating on the market today. Bullet Liner is not only tested in laboratory conditions, but utilizes the harshest outdoor conditions possible.

Behind Bullet Liner stands Burtin Polymer Laboratories (BPL), one of the foremost authorities in research, development, and commercialization of polyurethane systems produced for commercial roofing, commercial and residential insulation, flotation, adhesives, packaging, spray elastomers and custom molding products. Recently launched, its Bullet Liner products are primarily used for pickup truck beds, tailgates, wheel wells and other similar vehicle protection applications.

Bullet Liner For Your Truck

When you choose to spray Bullet Liner on your truck, your investment is not only safe but tested in very extreme conditions. Bullet Liner has been used and tested on race and chase vehicles in the prestigious Baja 1000 and in subzero conditions only found in the wilderness of Alaska.

Why Choose Bullet Liner?

  • Protects critical components on vehicles to survive impacts from rocks, debris, and extreme use.
  • Bullet Liner’s high tensile strength material provides a superior layer of protection our competitors cannot match.
  • Higher quality raw materials to produce a fine grain texture that does not “clump” or “sag” on vertical surfaces.
  • Provides a permanent bond that conforms to every contour of your truck bed.
  • Creates a barrier from moisture, rust and corrosion for the lifetime of your vehicle.
  • Resistant to most chemicals making it a superior material for use in industrial applications.