A.R.E. Bed Covers

Outfit for Life.

A.R.E.'s over 40 years of experience in the truck cap industry paired with their innovative and customer minded employees has helped achieve a high level of quality, while still maintaining the best value. With the introduction of the closed molded RTM process as well as the first painted composite rear door frame innovation has never been more at the forefront. Nearly 650 A.R.E. Dealers are placed strategically across the U.S. and Canada to allow for the best availability and support. It is our hope that we not only get to tell you about our products and customer support but we get to show you.

Brunswick Auto & Truck Accessories has been supplying Brunswick and the surrounding areas with A.R.E. Camper shells, Tonneau covers, and accessories. We've chosen A.R.E. due to their superior quality over any other bed cover on the market. With tons of options including electric locking systems that seamlessly integrates with your trucks existing wiring, interior lighting, D.O.T. certified third brake lights, perfect paint matching, Serial number identification system, and more.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

All A.R.E. bed covers come with a lifetime warranty on all painted surfaces.

FREE installation on all A.R.E. bed covers to ensure proper installation.